The Bike MS® and VeloPro Partnership

When Adnan Kadir and Robert Vizza came up with the idea for an adaptive training system that uses AI and Machine Learning to help riders achieve their goals on their terms, they were already involved in the Bike MS community. As a member of the Flying Dazzos team, Robert was a regular participant in Bike MS Waves to Wine, and it wasn’t long before he introduced Adnan to the cause. With the enthusiastic support of their third partner, Jerry Hart, a mission was born: Combine the Bike MS movement with VeloPro as a force for good.

Fast forward to today, and VeloPro is now a valued Bike MS partner.

Bike MS riders have long sought training help that works for them. VeloPro’s simple and intuitive system gives riders the benefits of structured training while benefiting the fight against MS. In addition, Adnan and his colleagues will be sharing their knowledge and experience each season to help participants in their Bike MS journey.

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