Bike MS® Training Powered by VeloPro

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Next Generation Training is Here

The adventure of VeloPro starts the day you begin training for it. We want you to get ready and be prepared so we’ve partnered with Velopro to make championship caliber training accessible for all.


VeloPro learns about you, your goals and schedule. Then we create training plans that continuously adapt to your performance. You get fitter, faster and stronger.


We motivate you to ride outdoors or indoors. We help you train smarter with advanced training science enhanced by VeloPro's advanced AI technology.


No matter your goal, VeloPro helps you get there. Prepare for events like fondos, races, and time trials. Use VeloPro to prepare you for an in studio experience.

Bike MS has been an important part of the lives of the entire VeloPro team since before VeloPro even existed. To have this partnership is a dream come true for us, and we can't wait to help Bike MS participants reap the benefits of structured, adaptive training.

--Coach Adnan Kadir

Bike MS Training powered by VeloPro Features

Adaptive Training Plans

VeloPro adapts your training plan to you - your schedule, your events, your performance and recovery capabilities.

Multiple Event Types

We support multiple specific training plans, including Century/Gran Fondo, Road Race, Criterium, CycloCross, Time Trial, Hill Climb, Randonnee, and MTB XC. The list grows all the time.

With or Without Power Meter

If you have a power meter, VeloPro will use it to determine your training plan and optimize your training load. If you don't, VeloPro uses a sophisticated physics formula to estimate your power.

Predicts Your Threshold Power

VeloPro predicts your future Threshold Power after every ride, giving you insight into how you will perform up to and during your target events.

Sophisticated Analysis Tools

Gain insight into your ride data to better understand your climbing, sprinting, and endurance characteristics.

Easy to Use

VeloPro streamlines your data insight by putting it to work for you, so you spend more time riding and less time typing.

Membership Pricing

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No credit card required

Bike MS Training powered by VeloPro

$10 / month

$10 monthly subscription fee with $5 in revenue shared with the National MS Society to help create a world free of MS.